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Subchapter A: ACADEMICS (960)


Subchapter A: ACADEMICS (960)


(1) Purpose. The UIL Spelling and Vocabulary Contest promote vocabulary development and precise and effective use of words.

(2) Format. The contest consists of objective questions of proofreading and vocabulary and words that are written from dictation.

(3) Word Sources. At least 80 percent of the test will come from UIL Word Power. Outside words may include: words of common usage (e.g., gosling, hemorrhage); words and proper names currently in the news; and words which by their formation or origins build vocabulary and promote the study of English. These include words with affixes, roots and suffixes that appear in words on the printed list by being different parts of speech, and other words of interest for the general lessons, which teach about language.
(1) Individual Competition. Each member high school may enter as many as four individuals in the district meet.

(2) Team Competition. A school shall have a minimum of three contestants compete in order to participate in the team competition. All four members of the winning team will advance to the next higher level of competition.
Individuals, team and wildcards qualify for the next level of competition according to Section 902.
(d) TIES.
(1) Individuals. If a tie exists for first through sixth place, the score on Part III of the test shall be used to break the tie and determine the winner. If a tie still exists, then it will not be broken.

(2) Teams. If two or more teams tie for first or second place, the scores on Part III shall be determined for all team members involved in the tie. If there is still a tie when the scores of Parts I, II and III are totaled for each team, all teams tied for first place shall advance to the next higher level and there is no alternate team. The team with the highest total written exam score wins the tiebreaker. If a tie still exists, it will not be broken.