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September Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking

  1. What has been the response to President Trump’s threats toward Venezuela?
  2. How have rideshare companies addressed recent safety complaints?
  3. Why has the United States increased its troop presence in Afghanistan?
  4. What are the challenges facing free speech on college campuses?
  5. How has China responded to the growing tensions in the Korean Peninsula?
  6. What are the details surrounding Senator Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” Bill?
  7. What have been the events leading up to the nullification of Kenya’s recent election?
  8. Why has the United States’ national median income been increasing?
  9. What actions has Bangladesh taken to respond to its influx of refugees?
  10. What is the controversy surrounding Secretary Betsy DeVos’ plan for Title IX?
  11. What does an emerging far-right party mean for Germany?
  12. What efforts have Democrats made to win back the House in 2018?
  13. Why has the Supreme Court postponed the redrawing of Texas electoral districts?
  14. What factors have contributed to increased polarization in the United Kingdom?
  15. How has Russia affected Kurdish pursuits for independence?
  16. What steps can Republicans make to increase bipartisanship?
  17. How have recent hurricanes impacted the long-term stability of Caribbean communities?
  18. Why are tensions escalating between the US and Cuba?
  19. Has the Trump administration addressed the devastation caused by recent hurricanes?
  20. What do we know so far about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 elections?
  21. Why has a border dispute developed between China and India?
  22. How has President Trump altered US foreign policy since the Obama administration?
  23. Why is Steve Bannon no longer part of the Trump administration?
  24. What challenges have Republicans faced in trying to repeal Obamacare?
  25. Why did the Navy bring in new leadership to the Seventh Fleet command?

Persuasive Speaking

  1. Do Democrats currently lack strong leadership?
  2. Should the United States consider North Korea a serious threat?
  3. Will the removal of DACA affect American businesses?
  4. How should United States lawmakers address ethnic violence in Myanmar?
  5. Has Texas been sufficient in providing relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey?
  6. Is the United States losing international credibility?
  7. Will the Las Vegas shooting impact political policy in Congress?
  8. Is Nancy Pelosi key in building bipartisanship between President Trump and Democrats?
  9. How should regional actors alleviate the political instability in South Sudan?
  10. Should the United States maintain the debt ceiling?
  11. Is the most recent independence referendum a success for Catalonians?
  12. Will President Trump’s tax cut plan benefit the middle class?
  13. Is a war between Israel and Hezbollah likely?
  14. Should the US increase policing to combat the opioid epidemic?
  15. How should Japan cultivate its cryptocurrency market?
  16. Should mandatory minimum sentencing be eliminated in the US?
  17. Will the removal of the UN blockade foster food security in Yemen?
  18. How should US lawmakers help close the growing opportunity gap in education?
  19. Is President Xi Jinping securing more power in the Communist Party?
  20. Should Congress pursue tighter regulations on personal data after the Equifax breach?
  21. Will Brexit be a severe economic loss to the European Union?
  22. Can the occurrence of recent hurricanes be tied to climate change?
  23. Has Jeff Sessions been effective as Attorney General?
  24. Can America stop gun violence?
  25. Should colleges and universities be doing more to combat hazing within fraternities?